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The bears are hoping that this is a resumption of the March 23 bear trend.

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They want a series of bear bars to continue to far below the March 23 low and then down to par 1. But look at the bodies in the legs down.

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They were forex trading without initial investment big in the leg down to the March 23 low, and fairly big in the leg down to the April 6 low. Also, both legs had many consecutive big bear bodies.

However, the selloff from the April 15 high had only 2 bear bars.

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Both were smaller and had prominent tails below. Finally, the bear breakout of the past 2 days is even smaller. Traders see that the attempts to sell off are getting weaker.

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That will make bears less interested at selling at the bottom of a leg down. Furthermore, the bulls will begin to buy.

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This is trading range price action. It reduces the chance that the 2 week selloff is a resumption of the March 23 bear trend.

forex trading without initial investment

It is important to note that the daily chart has been in a trading range for 8 months. Trading ranges resist breaking out. There have been many strong legs up and down.

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Each reversed and the trading range continued. Traders expect this bear breakout to fail and reverse. But there is no sign of a reversal yet.

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But the bars have been small and there have rarely been more than a couple consecutive big bear bars. This selloff lacks conviction.

Traders expect it to end today or tomorrow. When a bear trend ends, the chart evolves either into a trading range or it reverses into a bull trend. Over the past 6 hours, the bars look like they are entering a trading range.

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Day traders have been scalping, expecting reversals. Since today broke below a higher low April 6 on the daily chart, there is an increased chance of a trend up or down.

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If the trend was going to be down, it probably would have begun soon after корса бинарные опционы breakout many hours ago. Therefore, if there is going to be a trend, up is more likely. However, there is so little energy that forex trading without initial investment will continue to scalp unless there is a surprisingly big move up or down.

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